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Empower your Body.

Corporate wellness is a trending amenity for Chicago workplaces. With health issues, from heart disease to anxiety, rising across America, change is best implicated where people typically spend the majority of their day- the office. 

Why Corporate Wellness

  • Reduce insurance cost

  • Improve work productivity

  • Boost company morale

  • Add value to employment for current and prospective hires

Wellness Workshop Examples

  • Lunch-and-Learn

    • Meal Prep 101​

    • Healthy Travel Tips

    • Trendy Diets, Debunked

    • Hydration Hacks

    • Eating on-the-go

  • Kitchen makeover and/or snack ordering

  • Add on: In-house individual nutrition sessions, see "Nutrition".

Founder's Rate

$500-600 per session. Inquire for specific bundle pricing.

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