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Optimize human performance through food.
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A Chicago-based, board-certified and licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is dedicated to optimizing nutrition strategies in athletes & high-performers.

Christina Chu, Boston, Wellness


Christina Chu, Boston, Nutrition




I had two of my athletes use Christina’s services this year and it was a game changer. Christina handles all the heavy lifting and made it easy for me to focus on coaching. I was super impressed that it was not just a blanket statement and nutritional guidelines that she had my athletes follow. She built a plan off based of our competitive schedule and helped plan how the athlete was going to attack that week leading up to our competition. Having someone to call to answer any and all nutrition questions helped us navigate the unknowns of the season. I loved the immediate feedback that each athlete got as they attempted to learn to build a balanced plate that was appropriate for different points of the season.   I may have only had 2 athletes  using her but the rest of the team’s ability to build “good plates” drastically improved as well. I would recommend Christina to any coach or athlete looking for a way to get improve their teams’ or athletes performance.

Alex Whitney, Head Wrestling Coach at Norwich University


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Chicago, IL, USA

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