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A Chicago-based, board-certified and licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is dedicated to optimizing nutrition strategies in athletes & high-performers.

Christina Chu, Boston, Wellness


Christina Chu, Boston, Nutrition




I was able to construct a diet plan, with the help of Christina, that helped me feel better on the mat. This is something that hasn't happened in my 4 years of college wrestling and nutrition at my university. Christina helped me much more than the resources I had provided to me. I enjoyed the communication aspect and how tough Christina was. It made me focused and more grounded because I was confident in what I was putting in my body. This helped me in practices and competition. I am very satisfied with my nutrition now. I feel as if I have a better grasp on what to eat for everyday life. Christina opened up my eyes to the ever changing world of dieting. She offered insights that have made me a more confident athlete. I haven't broken much from the types of food Christina was telling me. Even months after being done with competition, I still have the physique of a D1 wrestler. Thanks for all the help!

Jack M, Collegiate Wrestler


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