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A Chicago-based, board-certified and licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is dedicated to optimizing nutrition strategies in athletes & high-performers.

Christina Chu, Boston, Wellness


Christina Chu, Boston, Nutrition




In July 2020, I found myself having little energy, and overall not happy with the way I looked or felt. Working with Christina, I was able to formulate a meal plan utilizing whole foods that worked for me and my lifestyle. Working as an RN in a busy hospital setting, it’s not always easy to eat a traditional meal. Creating a meal plan that works for me, in and out of work has made life so much easier.


Fast forward 2.5 months later, I have been able to gain 20 pounds of lean muscle mass and my overall energy and mood have increased greatly. I look forward to exercising each day and the changes in my physical and emotional health continue to motivate me. I hope to continue to set goals for myself and utilize the underestimated power of diet and exercise in my journey to becoming my best self. 

Zach Z, Orthopedic Nurse

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